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Casino Games Offered by Online Casinos

Online Casino is a world of a wide range of Casino Games to play 24/7 over the internet. Many people choose these games as social or cultural life. With such intense interest and demand, we at donkhunter.com have many online casinos listed which offer numerous online casino games today.

Most popular online casino games

Those are some of the most popular real money casino games and other sorts of online gambling. Contact DonkHunter to get some exclusive casino bonuses for you.

Slot machines

Today’s online slots are far different from traditional ones. Now we have 25 or 50 play lines, 5 reels, and other fruit symbols. Every slot machine game is different hence the rules but there are some common and basic features such as Jackpot, Wild Symbol, and Bonus Round.


One of the most popular real money games in the world is Poker, the card game. Poker has a variety of games under this such as Imperial poker, Oasis poker, “Let it ride”, 2+4 poker, seven-card stud, Omaha, and many more.


This table game is simple to play because every player has chosen cards and they have got closer to 21. One who gets a sum of 21 will win the game. The winner may also be the dealer.


This is the game of chances for any player. There are different matrix patterns, maybe of 5X5 and players must match chosen numbers against those are displayed on the matrix.


It is also known as Pulto Banco card game. Asian Gamblers and high rollers enjoy this game most. It’s very popular among them. This game is played between two hands, player and banker. It seems a very serious and hard game but it resembles choosing a flip coin. As it has three outcomes; a player can win, a banker can win or there may be a tie between both.


Craps is a table game for making real money. Its table is designed so that player at every end justifies the numbers clearly. That’s why its table looks so complex but it does not. In this game, you will have two phases; the come-out roll phase and the point phase.


This game is very easy to learn because the gameplay is controlled by the dealer and the action centers on a numbered wheel and tiny ball. The dealer or croupier spins the wheel and drops the ball. The ultimate objective of the player is to guess in advance where the ball will arrive when the wheel stops. If the player’s guess matches with the number where the ball arrived the player becomes the winner.

Sic bo

The word Sic bo means “Dice pair” was originated in China. Most of the popularity was gained in Macau. But the craze of playing this game is completely getting faded away. However, it is a table game with three dice. Player chooses different betting option such as small bet or big bet on rolling of those dice. One can bet for $1 and maximize it to $300. It is the game of one’s luck. Because uncertainty of the number to come after rolling is 100%.


Online Keno game is typically a money-making game that consists of a keno match card, a paytable, and a few buttons. The Match card has eight rows with 10 numbers varies from 1 to 80. Paytable shows your payout of numbers. It is a lottery-based game where players can sit and wait for selected numbers to pop up. Even Keno’s popularity is replaced with other trending money-making games.